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How wrapped up in yourself do you have to be to think that large women are bullying skinny women by not catering to them when they talk about large bodies being good
Our entire culture is structured to tell you that thin bodies are the best bodies like please grow up and go enjoy all the health care and job opportunities you have that fat people are denied

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90% of “mental health awareness” posts on tumblr are actually “depression and generalized anxiety disorder awareness” posts and actually do nothing to further awareness of mood disorders like bipolar / manic depressive disorder, personality disorders, and god fucking forbid any sort of awareness for anything with even psychotic features, let alone psychosis or delusional disorders

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you, whose chords envelop me,
i am drunk with your being
the sweet wine of your spirit
un brujo fuerte i cannot escape.

you, who has my back,
i would walk the endless earth
to find you again and again
inside the river where you flow into me
with currents full and strong.

you, who calls me reina in the soft darkness of night,
whose kingdom is lord
where i fly free through the universe between our lips.

you, mystic magician,
waving your banner of liberation
with your white cloth of freedom,
your graceful dance marking a light path
against the concrete prisons that enslave our dreams of life.

you are the flavor that seasons
the sofrito brew of my offerings.
the gift of your eyes, your heart, your song,
ecstasy in the place of honor
like a crown of rare jewels that illumines the meaning of love.

when i am lost in the labyrinth of loneliness,
with you i find myself
with you i run across the landscape of bliss
with you i discover the uncharted territory of friendship
to kindle fires of unity, wisdom, sacrifice, giving,
caring, becoming.

you, who weaves words and spins spells long into night,
let us meet each other in the sacred place
where the moon is full
with the divine music of stars
in a love song faithful and true

—© 2007 sandra maría esteves, new and selected poems (via gelopanda)

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i hate old crusty ass adults who are like “how can you love someone youve never met or touched” shut up you dont know how to open new tabs in your internet browser

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